Get your scroll saw ready for the job – guide

To Begin with your initial scroll saw job, ask yourself these two queries. Which Type of job am I likely to create? Can I be using thin or thick timber? As soon as you’ve got a standard idea in your mind, you want to ascertain that blade that you use to begin cutting off.

A fantastic principle to follow would be that the greater TPI (teeth per inch) a knife gets, the cleaner per cut will likely probably be.

You will find a myriad of small scroll saw blades available on the current marketplace, each better fitted to the sort of wood or job that you intend on earning.

In case you’re not certain what you anticipate earning yet, do not worry! Any blade can make you started.

Many scroll saw blades arrive in multi-packs on the web, which means you try out different TPI blades on distinct sorts of timber and soon you discover something which feels comfortable for you personally.


Generally speaking, there are seven Kinds of scroll saw blades on the marketplace:

Conventional tooth blade

Fundamental blades together with teeth the exact identical space apart. All these really are a little more noisy than other kinds of blades.

Jump tooth blade

Blade with any additional enamel lost. Perfect for novices, however cutting is only just a bit thinner.

Dual tooth blade

A skip-tooth blade using a massive gap between 2 varieties of teeth. These render a cut, but are somewhat slower moving.

Reverse enamel blade

The same as a tooth , except the past couple of teeth on the floor face upward. This averts tear out. That is my preferred kind of scroll saw blade.

Precision-ground tooth blade

Whiter teeth compared to a bypass tooth which were”down ground” in the place of registered. Very unforgiving, however ideal. Not suggested for newbies.

Lets you cut all directions while still holding the timber. All these are difficult to use and do not leave cuts. Recommended for unique conditions.

Crown enamel blades

Brand new form of blade at which every 2nd enamel is pointed at the opposite way. Best for cutting vinyl.


Have you been feeling frustrated yet? I expect not.

I suggest using whichever blade that you feel comfortable with. If you’re just getting started you will not understand which scroll saw blade would be best for you personally, however overtime you begins to have a sense of which produces a grade cut.

For you to the ideal track, however, I suggest hunting Amazon for Olson blades. They have been large quality, that they continue a long time, and therefore are fabricated by a scroll saw brand new.

Purchase Scroll Saw Blades

Many scroll saws should include a couple blades at the carton. Those blades are all made and do not last long. They do not perform cuts. I throw them off.

Stay far from big box stores such as Lowes or Home Depot to buy your blades. They’ve a range that is limited and blades’ standard is sub par.

You can find two varieties of scroll saw blades: Sudden (or horizontal end), along with also pin-end. Generally, so long as the scroll saw supports it, then I would purchase blades.

My own recommendation is always to make utilize of a pin-less Reverse Skip Tooth blade. They create cuts and lessens the quantity of sanding you are going to have to do following the job is complete.

Should you anticipate doing any type of inner cuts, then you are going to want to buy a scroll saw which affirms both the pin and plain end blades.
I favor plain blades, Because They Are much more versatile and simpler to change/feed throughout my timber artwork.

High-end wind generators, also referred to as horizontal ending or unpinned blades, are all horizontal blades that take a clamp onto top and underside. All these are used for interior cuts. You find these used on bits of timber.

Deluxe End

These blades are a lot thicker compared to unpinned blades and also generate a lot harder cut. Better suited to parts of timber.

Other Features To Check

Some different items that you need to check to are vibration, weight, accessories, and accessibility of replacement parts, the means to lean, and whether it includes a rack. Scroll saws are heavy, however using a mobile scroll saw on your shop or garage is useful.

Additionally, it also lets you maneuver it anywhere on your own garage rather than burning space and making your work-bench all dusty.

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