13 Scariest Places All Over The World That Will Give You Chills

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From a young age, we’re told terrifying stories about haunting houses and terrifying woodlands. However, if our passion for horror flicks is any indication, we enjoy a good scare.

And when it comes to travel, many of us enjoy the thrill of an unusual adventure. Here’s a list of the top 13 most extreme haunted houses in Ohio on the planet for horror aficionados. Don’t try to claim that we didn’t warn you.

1. Pluckley

There are some places where you might prefer to close the curtains and stay indoors. This is especially true in Pluckley, the most haunted village in England. With 12 “official” ghosts in residence, including a highwayman and a Red Lady, this place is more haunted than Hogwarts.

2. Mexico’s Island of Dolls

UNESCO designated the stunning man-made canals of Xochimilco (chinampas) near Mexico City as a World Heritage Site in 1987. They do, however, have a dark secret. Hundreds of decaying dolls, many with severed limbs, hang from the trees of one of the floating islands, their blank eyes staring soullessly back at you. The Isla de las Muecas (Island of the Dolls) was allegedly created by its keeper, according to local folklore. To pay his respects, he uncovered the body of a young girl who had drowned and put her washed-up toy on a branch. He spent the following fifty years increasing the number of dolls in his collection. People have kept the place as he left it since his death in 2001.

3. Japan’s Hashima Island

This scary, abandoned site, sometimes known as Battleship Island, appeared as a James Bond baddie’s hideaway in Skyfall. It operated as a prisoner of war camp as well as a mine. It was abandoned so quickly in 1974 that it has a Marie Celeste-like aspect to it, with workers simply picking up sticks. It is also thought to be haunted. You may take a guided boat cruise from Nagasaki – no worries, it’s a round trip. This website was developed using Google Street View (the music is a touch unsettling, mind you) if you don’t want to visit in person.

4. England’s Tower of London

If you’re interested in ghost hunting, here are the most haunted locations in London. Of course, as a royal palace, the Tower of London is home to a unique breed of ghosts. The Princes in the Tower, Edward V (age 12) and his younger brother, Richard (age 10) are thought to have been murdered here in 1483 by their uncle (the Duke of Gloucester, subsequently Richard III). In 1536, King Henry VIII executed his wife, Queen Anne Boleyn, at the Tower. The bear ghost is the strangest ghost seen here. The poor Beefeater who happened to see him near the Martin Tower died of terror.

5. Paris Catacombs, France

The famed Catacombs of Paris may be described as “skulls as far as the eye can see” (their alternative name of Municipal Ossuary is a lot less evocative). The kids from the ancient Cemetery of the Innocents are housed in this underground labyrinth. We’re not suggesting it’s terrifying, but folks who are easily startled should avoid going down there. When it rains in Paris, one of our favorite things to do is go here.

Scotland’s Edinburgh Castle is number six.

With all of its isolated castles (like Fyvie Castle and Glamis Castle) and desolate abandoned battlefields, Scotland has its fair share of eerie locations (Culloden). However, the medieval city of Edinburgh is said to be Europe’s most haunted. Visitors to Edinburgh Castle have reported paranormal encounters, with musicians in particular reappearing (ghostly pipers and drums have been seen). When you visit Edinburgh, make sure to take a ghost tour. Creepy graves and underground vaults are among the haunted sites to visit.

7. Australia’s Monte Cristo Homestead

Anyone who has seen a horror movie knows that buying an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere does not end well. The proprietors of the Monte Cristo Homestead (just under three hours from Canberra) have succeeded in transforming a Victorian property into a popular tourist attraction in this example. Since 1963, the Ryan family has been plagued by the former owners, a stable boy, and a pregnant maid, among other eerie visitors. You can stay the night or merely take one of the Saturday ghost excursions if you choose to join them.

South Africa’s Castle of Good Hope is number eight on our list

The oldest building in South Africa is the Casteel de Goede Hoop (1666). It has hundreds of years of history and is haunting as a fort and prison. Pieter van Noodt, the former Governor, is claimed to be cursed to walk the castle walls, and a large black dog is said to welcome visitors before vanishing into thin air.

9. The Myrtles Plantation in the United States

We like places that are spooky and where you can spend the night. And the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana has lots of things that go bump in the night. The Legend of Chloe, a ghost of a slave who appeared in 1992 on a photograph taken for fire insurance purposes, is the most famous of the ghosts (imagine being a fly on the wall during that claim meeting). Another ghostly girl apparition has been seen at a window in the house, and both have been captured on camera.

Brocéliande Forest (France)

Any location near the Valley of No Return (Val Sans Retour) should be approached with caution. Add a dash of mysticism – Merlin is said to be imprisoned in a stone here – and you’ve got the makings of a genuinely terrifying forest. King Arthur’s Forest is located in the Forest of Brocéliande, and Morgan Le Fay (the King’s half sister) utilized it to capture unfaithful youngsters.

Romania’s Transylvania is ranked 11th in the world.

While the rest of the world reveres Dracula’s legend and all things vampiric, this is not the case in his birthplace. At a wedding, he’s treated almost like an awkward uncle. However, despite the bloodsucking, Vlad the Impaler’s homeland (the man the Count was based on) is fairytale-like and well worth visiting.

Ireland’s Hell Fire Club is ranked number 12 in the world.

Because Halloween is claimed to have originated in Ireland, it’s only right that we add a stop there. The purportedly ghostly remnant of a hunting lodge can be seen near Dublin on Montpelier Hill. It was originally erected as a site for the Dublin section of the Hell Fire club in 1725 by MP William Connolly. Take a torch and a guided tour of the hilltop and resort at night – just don’t look back. There are also some Hell Fire Caves in England, specifically in High Wycombe. They’re thought to have been constructed in the 18th century as the original home of the Hell Fire Club, which catered to carousing aristocracy, authors, and artists.

Island of Poveglia, Italy

An island that was formerly home to an asylum, a quarantine station, and a mass grave for plague victims doesn’t seem too appealing. It’s been compared to a real-life version of Shutter Island. However, because it is located on a Venetian lagoon, you will be able to see beautiful Venice right next door.

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