4 Key Laptop Features Often Overlooked
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4 Key Laptop Features Often Overlooked

Buying a laptop is getting easier, and easier. There are laptop reviews everywhere stating the pros and cons of all the newest laptops, why you should, or shouldn’t buy them, what kind of processor they have, and how pretty they look. Despite this enormous amount of information out there, there are quite a few important laptop qualities that are often overlooked by the average consumer, and even some of the laptop know-it-all’s…

1. Resolution.

Resolution is often ‘bundled” with screen size when someone is on the market for a new laptop. The bigger the screen, the more you can fit on it, right? Wrong! The resolution is a measurement of how many pixels can fit onto the screen. Today, the standard for 14″-15″ laptops is 1366 x 768. This means the screen displays 1,366 pixels across, and 768 pixels in height. Personally, I prefer larger resolutions so I am able to multi-task or watch a movie while I’m writing an email on the other half of the screen.

If you have a similar desire, than look for laptops with resolutions of  1440 x 900 or higher. Don’t forget that the larger the resolution, the smaller the text, as you are cramming more pixels on to the screen. I find 1440 x 900 on my 14″ ThinkPad to be perfect, but you may wish to use the same resolution on a 15″-16″ display if you have minor sight problems.

2. Battery.

Too often is battery power traded in for large screens, or processing power. Picking laptops with long battery life is very important for students or those who travel frequently. If you want extended battery life then stay away from power-hungry processors, and make sure to purchase a laptop containing a battery with at least 6 cells.

A 9 cell battery is my personal favorite, as it adds substantial battery life compared to a 6 cell battery, while still weighing considerably less than a 12 cell extension battery. Which brings me to….

3. Weight.

Laptops can be pretty heavy! If you carry your laptops often, make sure it weighs under 8lbs. If the majority of your transportation consists of walking, and you take your laptop with you, a weight of 5lbs or below may be ideal.

4. Build Quality.

Right now, you could buy a laptop for $800 with the identical specifications of another that is priced $400 higher at $1,200. The majority of consumers, like yourself, will go ahead and buy the $800 laptop. However, the few that paid the extra $400 for the additional build quality will have their laptop last much longer. Keep this in mind before you walk away with what you think is a bargain.

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