20 Games That Are Addictive

When you’re bored or just want to relax, mobile games are designed to provide you with a good source of enjoyment. Some games, on the other hand, are so fascinating that you become addicted to them.

Well, I was once addicted to satta king CandyCrush and FarmVille, but that was just before I discovered that there are some more fun addictive iPhone games that I can immerse myself in.

Take a look at our list of the most addicting iPhone apps if you’re looking for some fun games to play all day. These games include anything from cognitive teasers to all-time classics like Super Mario.

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Second installment of Seven Knights

Seven Knights 2 is a role-playing game in which legendary heroes compete for rewards. It’s a follow-up to the popular Seven Knights game, and it’s jam-packed with action and hours of entertainment.

You get to enlist your favorite heroes and collect all of them to form your own squad, all while following a gripping tale. You can also battle foes, develop skills, and collect awards and power-ups.

Is It You, Baba?

Baba Is You is an iPhone puzzle game that will keep you engaged for hours. The most intriguing aspect of the game is that you can alter the game’s rules in each level. You can change the way the level functions by interacting with the rules.

The game’s interface is nice and simple, with unique graphics. At each round of the level, you’ll be greeted with a fresh surprise, making the game extremely difficult for the players.

Heroes in Disarray

This is one for the action fans. Unruly Heroes is a 2D adventure game with hand-drawn graphics and fantastic animations. There’s a complex narrative based on Chinese folklore that has a humorous twist.

On their route to the destination, you follow a master and his three followers as they solve puzzles, collect loot, and battle monsters. With such a gripping tale and stunning graphics, you’ll be captivated to your iPhone for hours.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

Cash Bandicoot is a fast-paced running game with plenty of twists and turns. While completing an intriguing mission to preserve the multiverse, you run, spin, swipe, and smash into things.

There are renowned places and notable bosses throughout the game, as well as a variety of running challenges. You can play it solo or invite your friends to join you for various challenges and to unlock new destinations along the route.

Star Wars LEGO®

This is the game for you if you like LEGO or the Star Wars Enterprise (or both). With six magnificent episodes of fun and adventure, LEGO Star Wars is a complete tale that is both a game and a sequel to LEGO Star Wars II.

Because of the game’s great graphics and user interface, it’s a somewhat hefty software (something that you need to keep in mind when installing it on your iPhone). It features 36 story-mode stages, over 100 characters, and incredible gameplay.

Remastered version of Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope Remastered is an iPhone game based on the iconic Cut the Rope puzzle game and the character Om Nom, who is known for his sweet taste. You’re following an intriguing story with entertaining difficulties.

You must cut the rope, avoid obstacles, and bring sweets to Om Nom in this fast-paced game. You join Om Nom on a 9-level hiking journey and receive your goodies.

Pedro, a friend of mine

My Friend Pedro appears to be a pleasant game with an attractive banana at first glance. However, when this sweet banana takes up the firearms to avenge his family, the game takes an unexpected and pretty gruesome turn.

You blast your way through various action-packed stages amongst blood, bullets, and bananas. You will be able to ride a motorcycle and even a skateboard on your journey. The banana is ripe for retaliation, and you’ve become addicted to the game.

Sideswipe in Rocket League

Rocket League Sideswipe is a fast-paced game with simple gameplay that combines soccer with vehicles. Simply dunk the ball into your opponent’s net; your opponent will attempt to do the same, but you must stop them.

You may personalize your car, gain access to incredible things, and play private matches with your pals. There are also other game modes to choose from; all you have to do is decide which one you want.


Have you ever studied Norse mythology in school? Now is the moment to put your Norse deity knowledge to the test with Northgard. You’ll be able to conquer new coastlines and establish your own settlement on previously uncharted territory.

You get to assign different professions to your Vikings, manage resources to survive the winter, expand into new regions, and score various wins as the tribe’s head.

Isolation (Alien)

This wonderful game Alien: Isolation, inspired by the 1979 film Aliens, allows you to enjoy a comprehensive experience of survival among aliens.

The game follows an engrossing tale and immerses you in a hard adventure in which you must innovate and overcome obstacles. You’ll forget about other games because to its stunning aesthetics and mobile-friendly user interface.

Wild Rift is a League of Legends game.

League of Legends – Wild Rift is a challenging battle arena game. It features a 5v5 MOBA action experience, exciting team fights, and incredible gameplay.

You can choose your champion character, devise ways to overcome problems, and team up with friends to take on tasks. There are several levels to choose from, each with its own set of awards, customization options, and champions.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

You can become a campsite manager in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You’re in charge of decorating and setting up your camp, and you’ll need to fulfill numerous animal activities in order to do so. You can also maintain the camp for visitors, visit your friends’ campsites, and participate in a variety of leisure activities to amp up your enjoyment.

NFL Madden

MADDEN NFL Football transports you to a virtual soccer pitch where you can play with all of your favorite legends. You get to assemble your team and manage them as they compete in championships. You may unlock interesting gifts as you win games and progress through the levels.


HQ is a live trivia game that is both amusing and educational. In the game, you must answer quizzes and, if you win the quizzes, you will receive prize money. The game begins at 9 p.m. EDT on weekdays and 3 p.m. EDT on weekends, with jackpots included.

Run, Super Mario!

Super Mario Run is a new take on the original game with mind-blowing jumps and acrobatics. You can play a variety of games with objectives such as rescuing a princess, developing a kingdom, and challenging people from all around the world. You can also customize characters, add buildings and decorations, and more to make the game more enjoyable.


In FROST, you must draw a path to return a group of souls to their worlds. Particle hunters, fountains of lights, supergravity shepherds, and more stunning outer-world species can be found in the game. It allows you to discover the mysteries of the universe by interacting with these charming animals who appear from the light.


Hearthstone is a card-based strategy game in which you use cards to complete thrilling missions on a battlefield and engage in duels with other players. You must use strategy, expand your card collection, and do a lot more throughout the game.

Bridge made of polymer

Poly Bridge is a fun and hard game that allows you to test your engineering abilities. You’ve been given the responsibility of constructing bridges to help a car travel to its goal. You can experiment with different equipment to build different bridges, such as double deckers, drawbridges, and suspensions, as well as to assist the vehicle in gliding through.

Monument Valley 2

In Monument Valley 2, you must guide Ro and her mother through several mazes. Beautiful structures and illusory roads in the game keep you playing and enjoying it for a long time. You must solve mind-boggling riddles as well as manipulate constructions along the route in order to have the most enjoyment possible.

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is an action-adventure strategy game in which you must conquer areas, construct cities, and defend your assets by fighting various tribes with your newly acquired technologies. You get to play on a variety of terrains that are created using auto-generated maps, and you get to visit new locales like fields and forests each time.

The Adventures of Alto

In Alto’s Odyssey, you join Alto and his buddies on an exciting journey through temples, dunes, and canyons. You’ll be able to play both on land and in the air, and you’ll have to uncover amazing secrets all over the place. The game’s stunning artwork drew me in and made me want to play it again and again.


Florence is the ultimate game for reliving an ideal love life. It’s a relationship game in which you play as Florence and Krish and experience the highs and lows of a woman’s first love through a series of minigames. That means you can flirt, quarrel, help, and do more with Krish in the never-ending cycle of a new love life.

A New Frontier for The Walking Dead

As you go through a chaotic plot in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, you will be immersed in an immersive experience. You’ll be in charge of bringing the game to order while also attempting to prevent civilisation from extinction. As Javier (your character in the game), you must team up with Clementine and face your destiny together, knowing that every move you make could be your last.

Alphabear is a word-based puzzle game.

Alphabear is a fun spelling game in which bears appear when you connect letters together to form words. The larger the bear that emerges from the word you construct by combining words, the longer the word is. These bears increase your point total, lengthen your time and serve as powerups, and provide you with more difficulties and pleasure while playing.

The Fortune of Leo

You get to save your gold treasure from an unknown deceitful robber in Leo’s Fortune. You must track the thief’s trail across cities, green lands, deserts, and mystery forests, among other terrains. As you navigate your way out of levels of hard traps and physics-based puzzles, the excitement level rises.

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