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As I write this, I’m a month out from my third show in my second competitive season of bodybuilding. I am also at the point where I’m crossing the line between being lean and being chased. As the two words are frequently used interchangeably, they couldn’t be more different. They’re MILES apart.

The problem is, on account of the lack of honest differentiation made in the fitness business, many individuals believe that they might require the same effort and take the”when it is possible to do it, I can get it done” attitude.

Everyone is able to secure lean, not a problem. But many people aren’t able to get stained, peeled, or”torn” It only takes an entirely new degree of sacrifice, discipline, and attention that few individuals have.

Just what Defines Shredded vs. Being lean?
If we’re talking concerning body fat percent, being”lean” might be in the area of seven to 10% in the event that you’re getting measured accurately (and most individuals are not )

Shredded, on the other hand, is probably from the 4 to 7 percent excess fat place. Of course, it depends on the system of testing, but employing the traditional numbers we associate with human body fat, the 68% region seems to be the cross-over point that takes you away from being lean to shredded.


To make this a little clearer, I’ve placed some images together illustrating the peak of my offseason, being slim, and clinging to being shredded. I’ve maintained the posing consistent. Therefore, it’s possible to see the changes. Notice the certain”dry” look associated with being shredded as compared to the way just being lean looks.

These photos were shot at 20 weeks outside, 1-2 weeks outside, 6 weeks out, and 3 weeks out.

Here’s another example of the difference between slender and shredded, as shown by my business partner Adam Hayley:

Do You Ever Need To Be Shredded?
Of course not. For people that are not competitive bodybuilders, then there’s never a necessity to be more cultured. The majority of my clients do not compete; they truly are only serious lifters like you who wish to push themselves hard with their training and diet but don’t have any need or desire to take it to another level.

Keep in mind, being lean is still wonderful. You feel and look well, and it lets you continue living your life nearly normally, just requiring some extra idea about daily diet and activity levels.

What several of these people are going to do instead of competing to maintain them motivated, accountable, and also working towards a target is always to reserve a photoshoot or utilize their next beach holiday as motivation to enter into the shape of this life.

When I did not compete in bodybuilding, then the 79% body fat place that is ideal for photoshoots and appearing awesome on the shore is what I’d be targeting.

The 8 Differences Between Lean and Shredded
Here are some things you need to confront while working towards being shredded — exactly what you want to be prepared for and just how hard you need to push. Remember, if you are not a Realtor, that isn’t necessary. However, I know there are those people who love the grind no matter and therefore so are willing to push themselves to a fresh level even though there’s not any contest stage in their future.

Inch — Many Hunger vs. Constant Hunger
This is definitely the most obvious. Whenever you are attempting to get lean, you may find yourself hungry now and. However, for the most part, you’ll feel pretty content and find your mealtimes fit into place .

When you’re trying to get shredded, you’ll confront constant appetite daily today. You need to make hunger your very best friend and adopt the mindset of accepting hunger for a requisite in getting shredded.

You can use all the appetite”suggestions” you like (e.g., psyllium husk, coffee, Diet Cokes, etc.), but eventually, you will have to manage it and address it. You’ll need to simply accept that each meal you eat will not produce a dent in your appetite; when you’re halfway through a meal (which you’ll probably wolf down in just two minutes with your mini fork), you’ll already be craving the next one.

Standard Weird Cravings
Whenever you get lean, you will get the odd craving for a pizza or hamburger. But when you get shredded, your cravings get weird from walking down into my kitchen a couple of days ago, looking at the tall jar of soy sauce on the plate, and thinking how good it would be to ditch the cap and chug down the whole bottle.

Prepare yourself to think and dream of food mixes and find yourself scrolling through Instagram food packs and watching cooking shows you’ve never been aware of.

Happy Cranky
Getting lean is a great feeling. Your mood and energy are going to be better than ever. This can be the level of excess weight where your hormones have been firing on all cylinders, and also, your sexual drive will likely probably be through the roof.

Becoming shredded is like shit. You’ll be cranky, gloomy, and lethargic all of the time. You may not be the ideal person to hang with, and also your fuse and also patience to get bullshit will run exceptionally narrow.

Just how bad you feel is really individual and reliant upon your dieting encounter, but I’ve yet to meet anybody who’s gotten and said they have felt amazing. The older bodybuilding expression of”the worse you feel, the higher you look” couldn’t be more true.

Your Own Diet and Training”Flexibility” Diminishes
Getting lean allows you a lot of flexibility and leeway with your daily diet, training, and cardio. In the event you miss a workout here and there, then it’s probably no problem. If you go under or over your calories, it isn’t the ending of the globe as long as you’re still in some form of a deficit over the course of a week. You can probably even get away with a bit of IIFYM (if it fits your macros) but look decent by the end of this.

Any mistake is much less forgiving—every workout counts. Every cardio workout is critical. The meal is weighed out to the g—nothing under. The days will get monotonous, and every single day will feel the exact same old grind. However, the body will be changing on a daily basis, and this is exactly what keeps you moving.

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