Do Carpet Cleaning Services Move Furniture?

Whenever you hire a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets, they might or might not charge you to move your furniture. That is why, to avoid any confusion later on, you must ask the service provider whether they will charge you for moving your furniture or not.

Let’s see what factors are included in determining the cost of a carpet cleaning service, and why do cleaning companies charge to move your furniture while carpet steam cleaning.

Furniture And Carpet Cleaning Services

If you have hired a carpet cleaning service to clean the dirty carpets, they might need to move lots of furniture out of their way to expose the whole surface of every carpet and clean it properly. Some carpet cleaning companies trained their experts to move furniture items professionally and avoid any damage to your furniture.

However, whether a company charges you for moving your furniture or not is solely dependent on their policy on this matter. Even if a cleaning service provider is charging you to move the furniture, it is not necessarily a bad thing either. That is because the search companies have often spent lots of money to train their professionals to move your delicate furniture items carefully.

Items That Shouldn’t Be Moved

There are certain furniture items which better not be moved by a carpet cleaning service company. These items include delicate furniture pieces, heavy items and large stuff which might get damaged if touched by a person who is not professionally trained to move it. Your piano is a good example.

For such furniture items, the expert analyzing your furniture during the free estimate might suggest that you get those furniture items moved before the cleaning service begins.

So, whether a company charges you to move your furniture or not is fully up to them.

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